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Modpacks List

Below you'll find a list of all our current Minecraft Modpacks currently available at this time.

Wild West Logo

Mineitz's Wild Wild West

Welcome to Mineitz Wild Wild West modpack, formally known as OhGaming's Wild West. Come help settle the untamed west, where the new world begins.

This popular favorite modpack drops you into a westerned themed world with guns, tinkered bows, and plenty of land you can build a town on. We have a strong economy where you can sell crops, ores and gems. Grow your own drugs and make alcoholic beverages. Be an entrepreneur and run your own shop in spawn. You will have plenty to do while exploring the many varied biomes and hunting exotic creatures (including other players).

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Masquerade .2 Logo

Mineitz's Masquerade .2

Welcome to Mineitz's Masquerade.2 Server. Mineitz's was established in 2012 with Minecraft at the forefront! We pride ourselves in making your game experience amazing! On This Server, you will have the opportunity to build enormous bases and annihilate your enemies.

The server is PVP enabled to help accentuate the Role Play aspects. Plenty to do and things to kill in this popular favorite. Build your weapons, sharpen their blades. Become a combination of several kinds of preternatural creature, Vampire, werewolf, witch, wizard, even a guardian from above. But watch your back. You may be strong but you'll have to be sharp minded as well as sharp bladed. Sometimes what goes bump in the night will get you but sometimes the angels are really the most dangerous creatures.

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lostworld logo

Mineitz - Lost World

The world as you know it is dying. You and a group of explorers are sent through a portal to distant dimensions in search of a new world to inhabit. As soon as you immerge on to this strange land your portal explodes and crumbles into oblivion.

Now you are stuck with no way home and limited provisions. After your group sets up a base you find that it will not support everyone. Your survival will depend on you venturing out into unfamiliar territory to find new food and fresh water sources. While searching for nourishment you hear mysterious noises.
As you get closer to the source you see creatures that have been known to be extinct on your old world. Now the hunter is the hunted as carnivorous beasts relentlessly pursue you. Are you strong enough to survive the LOST WORLD?